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The MSFEC site is filled with information regarding Morning Song's Friendship Evangelism Concert Series. The website is broken up into two phases for those who are currently working with Morning Song or are thinking of contracting with them in the future.

Morning Song would love to plan and produce a concert series in your community. For more information, feel free to contact msfec@morningsong.org.

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Take a moment to view a quick visual presentation on Friendship Evangelism Concerts.

Phase One of this site is provided for church leaders who are interested in learning the basic concept of Friendship Evangelism Concerts. It shows how Morning Song Music become your consultant and partner in producing an ongoing program of community concerts as a church growth tool.

Phase Two provides more indept training for those under contract with Morning Song to help them with their concert series. It includes more detailed information and instructions.

Morning Song Music has developed and field tested this training information. Layman groups and Churches around the nation are taking advantage of this wonderful outreach ministry, custom designed and managed by Morning Song Music.

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To see an example
of the many cities that have participated in a MSFEC Series, go to www.MSConcerts.org and select the "PAST" button in the CONCERT CITIES section.